Description Date
Very Early Bird Registration Deadline : 27/02/2017
Abstract submission deadline (free papers and posters) : 14/05/2017
Early Bird Registration Deadline : 15/05/2017
Late Registration Deadline : 15/09/2017
Congress Dates : 7-11/10/2017
1st Advisory Board Meeting in Salzburg

General Information


Topkon Congress & Event Management has been appointed as administrative organizer of the industrial exhibition during the 4th Congress of European ORL-HNS in Barcelona, Spain.


Exhibition booths will be allocated as naked space and exhibitors are required to build their own stand and bring / order all the necessary equipment separately. Upon to request basic modular stand construction service can be provided. You can find detailed information and the necessary order form inside the manual.


All booth projects should be sent to at latest August 4th 2017, for Exhibition Organizer’s approval. If the exhibitor does not use basic modular booths, the renting of any additional material is subject to extra charge upon request.

Basic modular booths:

A “Basic Modular Booth” of 50 Euro for each sqmis offered to the Exhibitors, which includes the following material:


  *  2,5m-high lacquered aluminum structure
  *  Beech-coloured melamine panel
  *  Curved white PVC fascia board
  *  10cm-high black lettering (20 letters included)
  *  LED strips light
  *  Electrical power 50w/sqm
  *  Electrical switchboard includes 1 socket 220V
  *  Power supply included
  *  Surface covered with same carpet colour to be determined for all the stands
  *  Pre-inauguration cleaning

All exhibitors should provide below information and additional requests to before September 4th, 2017.

   * Company name that will be displayed in the front frieze of your booth.
   * Plan of your booth showing the location of the walls following the examples is as given on the form.
   * Final Name of exhibitors badges.
    (For build up and dismantling workers badges will be valid only for build up and dismantling periods.)


  *  Under normal circumstances, 10m height and 1/3 of the stand sides can be closed along corridors. Otherwise PCO’s approval will be needed.
  *  Please ensure reverse side of your stand walls should be covered as there can / cannot be anotherstand backing up to yours.
  *  Please note that no ceiling suspensions are allowed. Contact with the PCO if you need any.
  *  Please note that the booth material should be fully flame resistant.
  *  Exhibitors may not place objects weighing more than 2.500 kg/sqmon exhibition area. Any damage during set up, exhibition and dismantling, caused by excess weight will becharged to the exhibitor’s expense.
  *  Distribution of commercial soliciting, samples, souvenirs and promotional items are only allowed within the stands. These activities are prohibited in the aisles, restaurants, entrance hall or any other area of the Congress Venue which are open to public use. For your special distribution please contact with the Official PCO.


Set-up of Exhibit Stands
Set-Up: Saturday
Set-up Date: October 7th, 2017
Set-up Hours: 12:00am – 23:59pm

Dismantling of Exhibit Stands
Dismantling: Wednesday
Dismantling Date: October 11th, 2017
Dismantling Hours: 12:30am – 20:00pm

All corridors must be cleared of crates and stand material on latest October 7th, 2017 / 00:00 for the major cleaning. When the cleaning is not included in the hiring spaces rate, the company has to order it tothe PCO. The PCO reserves itself the right to clean the areas considered in bad condition and that could negatively affect the image of the Congress. The cost of this cleaning will be charged to the Company.

Exhibition Dates and Hours
October 8, 2017    08.00h – 18.00h
October 9, 2017    08.00h – 18.00h
October 10, 2017   08.00h – 18.00h
October 11, 2017   08.00h – 12.30h

Exhibition dates and hours may be changed according to the scientific program.

Dismantling of Exhibit Stands
October 11, 2017   12.30h – 19.30h

The good entrance & delivery gates will not be opened until 12.30h.

Only the approved personnel can enter the exhibition area during the set-up and dismantling days. Exhibitors are required to state the names and contact details of their authorized personnel for set-up and dismantling to Topkon Congress and Event Management latest by September 22nd, 2017.

During the official opening dates and hours; exhibitors will be allowed to enter the exhibition area 30 minutes before the official opening time, and to leave the exhibition area 30 minutes after the official closing time. All booths must be opened and staffed during the official hours.

Exhibitors may begin to pack materials, supplies, and literature after the official closing of the exhibition. The dismantling time starts on October 11, 2017 at 12:30. It is strictly forbidden to begin dismantling before this time.

Should an exhibitor fail to remove his exhibit, the Congress the PCO reserves the right to remove such material at the exhibitor’s expense.

No materials can be moved out while the exhibition is in progress. After the exhibition closing and dismantling, the stand materials can be moved out of the exhibition area by the authorized personnel stated on the Move out Approval Form, and only by re-signing the form.

Opening Ceremony
All exhibitors are cordially invited to the official Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception in CCIB.

October 7th, 2017   17:00 – 18:00   Opening Ceremony
October 7th, 2017   18:00 – 20:00   Welcome Cocktail

Information Desk

An information desk at the exhibition area will support requests and requirements of the exhibitors during the congress.

October 7, 2017     13.00h – 20.00h
October 8, 2017     08.00h – 18.30h
October 9, 2017     08.00h – 18.30h
October 10, 2017   08.00h – 18.30h
October 11, 2017   08.00h – 13.00h


Each company will have free exhibitor and/or full delegate registration for their company representatives according to their sponsorship level. If you like to have additional badges for your company representatives, please contact TOPKON Congress and Event Management. The registration process of the company representatives has to be completed at latest September 15th, 2017. After this date you can register your company representatives’ onsite only.

Registration Type Very Early Bird
Till February 27, 2017
Early Bird
Till May 15, 2017
Till September 15, 2017
After September 15, 2017
Exhibitor 150 € 200 € 250 € 300 €

* Prices are included of VAT
** No access to the scientific program
*** After August 19th, 2017 each name change will be charged 50.00 Euro.

Company representatives who have exhibitor badges will be able to participate to the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception but will not have access to the scientific program. Exhibitor badge registration process will be completed before the congress dates.

Exhibitor badges will be specific to the exhibitor representative’s name. Please note that exhibitor badgesare not transferable. Company business cards and / or badges will not be accepted instead of the official congress exhibitor badges.

Exhibitor badges will have to be picked up at the Registration Desk in Congress Venue on site, from October 7th, 2017, 12:30am onwards. Please note that congress bags are only for the congress delegates and will not be distributed to the exhibitors.

Please fill and return the Exhibitor Badge Registration Form to the PCO respecting the deadline mentioned on the form.

Besides, the Congress PCO reserves the right to refuse admission to the exhibition for any visitor, exhibitor oremployee of an exhibitor who, in their opinion, is undesirable or likely to disrupt the smooth functioning of the event.


Hotel accommodation is available in various hotels. The accommodation should be booked through TOPKON who is handling all hotel bookings. Please book hotel accommodation via regModule, or contact with TOPKON for your group bookings. Please note that TOPKON may provide additional hotel categories according to your request.

* All below rates are, per room per night, inclusive of breakfast, service charge and are included of VAT.
* All accommodations will be evaluated "on a first- come, first-served " basis.

AC HOTEL BARCELONA FORUM 4* (Headquarter) € 231 € 253 € 1,21 1 Min. By Walk
HOTEL BARCELONA PRINCESS 4* € 225 € 247 € 1,21 2 Min. By Walk
HILTON DIAGONAL MAR 4* € 250 € 280 € 1,21 1 Min. By Walk
HOTEL SB DIAGONAL ZERO BARCELONA 4* € 225 € 247 € 1,21 2 Min. By Walk
EURO HOTEL DIAGONAL PORT 4* € 170 € 187 € 1,21 17 Min. By Walk - 6 Min. By Car
HOTEL FRONT MARITIM BARCELONA 4* € 140 € 160 € 1,21 12 Min. By Walk - 4 Min. By Car
AYRE HOTEL CASPE 4* € 192 € 209 € 1,21 13 Min. By Car - 24 Min. By Tram
*All fees include Bed and Breakfast and VAT.


To ensure that your exhibit material is taken care of professionally and reaches the Congress Venue on time, we offer to use the official forwarder company of 4th Congress of European ORL-HNS.

Please be informed that International Shipping Guidelines, Instruction Kit and Tariffs that will be sent by Schenker Arkas.

Address: IDTM A2 Blok No. 330 Kat.10 34149 Yeşilköy – İstanbul/Türkiye
Phone: + 90 212 465 61 45/ ext.5294
Fax: + 90 212 465 61 35
Web Site:
Contact: Mr. Alper Dugun

Mr. Alper Dugun is your key contact for special services and all information regarding professional handling of stand material, forklift service, secured storage (before / during / after the congress), general transport, freight shipment and customs clearance.

Please note that Schenker Arkas Logistics is our recommended supplier with their experience in Congress venue and city, and exhibitors may work with their own suppliers. TOPKON Congress Services cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by parties or suppliers.


We would like to point out that all shipments entering Spain are subject to customs clearance procedures. Neither the Congress PCO nor Schenker Arkas will accept any customs charges. It is therefore vital that all your goods being transported/customs cleared should be handled by a professional transport agency.

It is strictly recommend not sending any stand material and / or literature to the CCIB Barcelona ahead of time. Congress PCO, Schenker Arkas and CCIB Barcelona reject any liability for material which has not arrived or cannot be found due to incorrect addresses and / or information.

Please make your arrangements well in advance as Schenker Arkas has to obtain all the necessary information beforehand and charge separately.

Schenker Arkasis the logistics company appointed to arrange the entries to the exhibition area, so the exhibitors need to get in contact with Mr. Alper Dugun from Schenker Arkas in order to arrange their entry schedule into the Congress Venue even if they did not handle the shipping process with Schenker Arkas.

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Average Temperature 23° C
Chance of Sunny Day 62%
Average Rainfall 87mm
Chance of Rain 19%
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