Afternoon Tea Extravaganza Winter 2018 Dates TBA

Afternoon tea. What could be more genteel?

With the finest bone china cups, the best English scones and crumpets and of course, the highest quality tea there is fit to pour!

Of course, you love to indulge your tea passion with an uplifting cup of Darjeeling, Assam or Earl Grey. Or maybe even just a regular cup of tea.

Perhaps you like your tea green, or white. Or some other variety.

It doesn’t really matter, because with our fantastic Afternoon Tea Extravaganza, you can have it all – no matter how complicated, rare or unusual.

Our meet up team have put together the ultimate in Afternoon Tea and are taking it on the road, so to speak.

We are hosting several Afternoon Tea Extravaganzas, in various cities and locations across the country.

This is the ultimate opportunity to put your glad rags on and dress up to the nines, to partake in the last word in elegance, style and tradition.

Bring your partners and your friends to join you in a premier imbibing session, in one of the many fine tea houses across the States.

Our tea experts have created the very best in British Afternoon Tea Extravaganzas outside of the British Isles!

This is a five star event and must be booked in advance, via our website.

All events are expected to sell out quickly, so reserve now to avoid disappointment.

At the moment, the dates are confined to weekend afternoons only – however, we will be extending our slots to weekdays and evenings shortly.

TEA MASTERCLASSES Fall and Winter 2018/19 

In addition to our Afternoon Tea Extravaganzas, there is also the opportunity to learn more about tea and tea tasting.

The classes will run alongside the Afternoon Tea Extravaganzas and are available for all interested parties to participate in.

The classes must be booked in advance. There is strictly no admittance without a ticket.

For participants of the Afternoon Tea Extravaganza, the tickets are available at a discounted rate – however, they must still be booked and paid for in advance.

There will also be some limited tickets available for people who wish to attend, without booking a place on the Afternoon Tea Extravaganza.


Our expert tea sommelier will talk you through the history of tea and Afternoon Tea.

You will be taken on a fantastical journey of the senses and taste buds, from China, to India and beyond.

You will get the opportunity to sample many new and intoxicating brands of tea!

You will discover which blends work best with which flavors and foods.

All participants will receive a certification of attendance and accreditation. 

To book, follow the links on our website.