We Are Tea!

We are not just fond of a drop of tea. We love tea. We are passionate about it and everything to do with it!

Brewing up is a ritual to us, which is semi holy.

It is something that requires time, concentration and above all, respect.

For serious tea lovers, this means loose tea and lots of love.

And we want to share our love of tea with the world.

Which is why started this blog site – to reach out to our fellow tea lovers across the globe.

Our ambitions are not small, we want to create and participate in one of the biggest tea meet ups in the world!

Our members have organized themselves into factions and frequently arrange local tea meet ups.

We have a presence in over twenty eight countries world wide at the time of writing.

But, this is not enough!
Our mission is to bring together tea lovers across the globe – from Iran to India, Turkey to Qatar and of course, from Ireland and Great Britain, back to the United States.

And whilst we’re at it, we want to embrace the tea culture from all the great tea loving and tea producing nations.

In our blogs we take a look at the unique tea history behind each of the prominent tea nations.

The Japanese tea ceremony, the important cultural role of tea in China, how tea became the nations top drink in India… why the United States loves iced tea so much…

With always time for the history and rich culture of this drink to steep, our blogs also take a look at the individual love of tea that our members experience.

We call for your blogs, your experiences and your stories and are always on the lookout for your thoughts and feelings.

With more dates planned for meet ups this fall, why not log on and join in the tea love in your area!

Get the tea pot warm and your best tea caddy ready!